Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser 99.7% Natural Mothers only want the best and cleanest things for their babies - from what they put in their tiny mouths to what's used to wash them. As your little ones discover new tastes and textures and develop their senses, make sure that their feeding tools and toys are safely and effectively cleaned with our Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser. Strip off milk, food residue and lingering smells from baby's things with a few drops of our baby-safe, fragrance-free cleansing liquid. Help protect baby from exposure to harmful chemical residue while making sure that what you wash out of your home won’t harm the planet, with a natural cleanser that's 100% free of harmful chemicals. Did You Know? Most synthetic cleansers contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that baby could ingest, rub on their skin or breathe in. Our natural, fragrance-free cleanser contains only the best for baby: lovingly made with premium, biodegradable ingredients.