SunShine Serum 100% Natural Our country’s tropical, sunshiny climate is the perfect setting for our furry friends to roam, romp and explore the great outdoors. You can bet though that after a day of doggy adventure, they’ll come home to you with dirty, tangled and matted fur! Tame those tangles and keep your delightful furry friends bow-wow blooming with our 100% Natural SunShine Serum. Pamper them from snout to tail with a pet-friendly infusion of sunflower, soybean and sweet orange oil that gently detangles and helps deodorize their cuddly coats for soft, silky and sunshine-fresh fur. Did You Know? Our pet serum is furry kind to both pet paws and human hands! No parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, or any toxic chemicals – just 100% natural furry goodness. Your perfectly polished pooches will surely thank you with sweet kisses and tails all a-wagging!